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Harmony Blue MonifC

We’ve showcased our unique and stylish options from MonifC Swimwear in previous articles on this blog, but we wanted to take some time today to give you a short introduction to the brand! We’ll talk about what makes MonifC special, why we decided to stock it, as well as which pieces you might want to …

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SoH-IA Gown

We’re all looking forward to a summer  vacation – which means weekend getaways to the beach and (hopefully) lots of sun! Whether you’re dreaming of a long weekend in Bournemouth or getting ready to jet off on a glamour island getaway, we have some suggestions for what to stock up on. If you’re curvy, we …

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We Support Your Curves!

Picture this: You get up the courage to walk into a beautiful lingerie boutique and are approached by a kind looking salesperson. If you’re in the core size range for lingerie, you know what happens next. You let the sales assistant know what you’re looking for or maybe ask for a fitting, either of which …

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