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Tapestry Corset

The Essential Corset

The essential corset has come a long way in design. But to really appreciate the design of the corset, one should go back in time to when the corset was really considered an essential part of a woman’s lingerie collection and where no woman would be seen in public without wearing one. Thankfully, those days …

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Romantic Bridal

The weather is finally warming up and the smell of spring flowers is in the air. If you run a lingerie boutique, this means one thing: bridal season! Bridal season is one of my favourite times of the year. I love helping brides find their piece of honeymoon lingerie or bra to go under their …

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Charlotte Floral

We’ve been busy adding new products to the boutique, but today we wanted to showcase some of our favourites that have hit the site in the past week. While we handpick all of our products, it’s inevitable that we fall in love with some just slightly more than others! If you’re new to the boutique …

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