Is this the most comfortable bra in the world?

July 24, 2016 Written by Patsy Murrell - 1 Comment

Hands up all those who are wearing the most comfortable, well designed, soft-cup bra ever! Nope, me neither. For a long time, well, probably all of my adult life, I have always worn the same size or roughly the same size bra. I adjust the straps and the band as time goes on and as the weight increases but usually trying to keep near to the same band size. So, there is no surprises that now at my heaviest, the fit of my bras are not as comfortable as I would like. Well, some are so uncomfortable, especially on the shoulders and around the back where the straps have made their lasting impression over time, it is always a great relief especially after a long day, to get home and throw the bra off.

I have long since stop shopping in the high street shops because their ranges are limited and goes nowhere near what I am looking for. The shop assistant tirelessly coming back to the changing room with clearly wrong sizes i.e. too small, even smaller and oh, where has the shop assistant disappeared to now? I reflect on my last visit many years ago to a well known bra specialist shop.

The “H-Gap” Problem

So, I now do my shopping online for most if not all of my lingerie. But for me, the bra is still the hardest and somehow the most complicated garment to get perfectly right first time. The difficulty is highlighted by having very large, heavy breasts. I am in the category of shapes of having a smaller back but larger cups. The smaller back it great because it means I can find bras that have the band size I need but the ranges rarely go bigger then the H-cup, which is sooo annoying! I call this the “H-Gap”! If you are bigger than the H-cup then you fall off the edge and into the abyss; well it feels like that because when I make enquiries, no one knows why their range is not extending beyond this “H-Gap” nor do they know where to recommend for help. No one knows and no one cares…not their problem – right?!!

Well, women who can identify with these problems will certainly have come to terms with their lot and have accepted the reasons why they keep to a certain brand of bra and keep wearing the same size and probably the same colour throughout their lives. Does this sound familiar to you?

I feel it is my duty, well no, my pleasure to let you know that I have at last found happiness in a new range of bra. My new bra is so comfortable and so supportive I want to keep in on all day and all night and then the next day too! The bra provides such fantastic support, it almost reminds me of wearing my first bra as a teenager! The straps are wide and comfortable on my shoulders, there is no digging or pinching in the shoulders or in the back area at all. One of my personal favourite features of this bra is the very wide band under the arms and around the back. Now, I know that some women of a certain shorter height might have a problem with a deep band fitting too closely under the armpit, but for me, this is perfect. I have also discovered the advantage to having the wider band, it provide support in the back so eliminating the back bulges. Today, I am wearing a very close fitting string dress during our seasonally high temperatures and I have my bra on under it. I glimpsed myself in the mirror this morning and realised that my back looks so much smoother in the bra as well as the lift my boobs now have – an absolute unexpected bonus!

The Introduction

So, what bra am I talking about? Well, it is the Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-cup. I have fallen in love with this soft-cup bra because it is answering all my needs right now in terms of firm but comfortable support, good design and a great range of colours and sizes to choose from. The other issue for me was wanting to get away from the usual underwire bra which seem to be everywhere at the moment so finding it very difficult to find a soft-cup bra in my size as well as a bra that looks great.  This style also comes with extra support on the strap with detachable shoulder pads.  There is no padding in the bra cups.

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup Bra - White Comfortable

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup Bra – White

For those who do not know about Elila, they are an American brand and have been producing bras for the fuller figured woman for 10 years now. Their range in size and colours is a revelation and to find a particular bra with sizes up to 50N, well, jaw-dropping became the normal occurrence when I looked through their ranges on offer. So, to be clear, Elila sizes range from 34-54 band and B-N cup, that pretty much covers the entire universe of the fuller figured women…right?!! Elila has thoughtfully supplied a detailed size guide for their bras which I recommend to use especially if you do not know your proper bra size. The Elila ranges also come with matching panties so now there is no reason why we cannot look smart and comfortable under our clothes too! The matching Jacquard Panty goes up to size 10XL (UK dress size 44-46).

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup Bra - Blue Comfortable

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup Bra – Blue

At Harmony Blue we have just introduced some of the styles from Elila’s wide variety range including the Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup. However, because size is very important to us we do offer the wide size range (up to 50N) for you to choose from – please note, not all the sizes and colours are displayed on the website, so if you cannot see what you want, please contact us with your enquiry and we will be very pleased to help you. A note of caution here, the band on this style can come up a little tighter on some so if you are in between sizes go for the next size up.

The displayed colours on the Harmony Blue website is Black, White, Nude and Mocha.  Other colours available are Blue, Lilac and Red being displayed here.

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup - Red Comfortable

Elila Jacquard Tricot Soft-Cup – Red

So, after you have tried your new Elila bra from Harmony Blue, the question again will be, hands up all those who are wearing the most comfortable, well designed bra…ever! Yeah, me too!

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