The Stockings – is this the sexiest item in a lingerie collection?

June 16, 2016 Written by Patsy Murrell - No Comments

We were recently having a conversation about what we think is the sexiest item in a lingerie collection. We ended up agreeing on it being the stockings. The stockings have for a long time being the icon of the female form. It’s smooth and sensual to the touch. The glimpse of the bordered top and suspenders adds to the allure of the garment and to the wearer. For us, the stockings is up there as the most sexiest piece of lingerie. What do you think?

It goes without saying then that a pair of stockings must look and feel perfect when wearing them. They should be comfortable enough to be able to wear them all day without having the need to constantly pull them up or adjust them. The stockings should fit comfortably around the thigh without squeezing the thigh and creating a bulge over the top of them.

The importance of a good fitting pair of stockings is essential to us so our range of stockings takes into account the width of the thigh as well as the length of the leg. All of our stockings are made for the fuller calf and thigh. Our Glamory – My Size holdup range goes one step further and adds length to its important criteria. So, the tall, plus size woman can now find stockings, holdups and tights to fit her long legs as well as knee highs.

Check out just 3 of the styles that are in our store. You can also find the full collection of our stockings here.

A Small Collection of Stockings

A Small Collection of Stockings

What do you think of this article?  Do you agree that stockings are the most sexiest piece of lingerie? Do you wear stockings or have you never worn them before? Tell us what you think of them. Leave your comment below we would love to hear from you.