The Essential Corset

June 26, 2016 Written by Patsy Murrell - No Comments

The essential corset has come a long way in design. But to really appreciate the design of the corset, one should go back in time to when the corset was really considered an essential part of a woman’s lingerie collection and where no woman would be seen in public without wearing one. Thankfully, those days are well and truly behind us. We now have the choice whether to wear a corset for waist training or to compliment our outfit or just as a bold fashion statement.

The style of a corset today is so varied in design, colour and now size.  Our range of designs include tapestry, eyelash lace, embroidery lace, elastic and patent leather corsets.

We have a fabulous collection of beautifully designed corsets which we are really excited about. The styles are varied and should suit all tastes.

Eyelash Lace Corset

Dynamic Satin and Contrast Eyelash Lace Corset

One of the many great things about our corsets is they are so versatile.  They are great over a favourite pair of slacks or skirt.  They will also look great under a blazer or jacket if you want some coverage.  However you choose to wear your corset, you should ensure it is well fitting and is comfortable to wear.  As for fabulous style and choice, don’t worry, we got that covered for you.


SoH-Intimate Attitudes Elastic Corset

SoH-Intimate Attitudes Tapestry Corset

SoH-Intimate Attitudes Tapestry Corset

SoH-Intimate Attitudes Stretch Lace Corset

SoH-Intimate Attitudes Stretch Lace Corset

This is just a small selection of our range of corsets.  To view the range click here.

Isn’t it time you tried one of our gorgeous corsets?

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