A New Babydoll for the Summer –An Experiment

June 2, 2016 Written by Patsy Murrell - 51 Comments

Do you own a babydoll? Have you worn them for years? Or are you on the other side of the fence, of never owned or worn one before?  Or, have you never cared to wear one?
Some of us still think a babydoll wouldn’t suit us or isn’t for us. Why? Maybe it is because the babydoll has always been seen as the sexy nightwear for core size women or young girls. Or perhaps the babydoll is still seen as old fashioned and a throw-back from the 1970s. Maybe some of us still think it won’t suit our curves and would make us look unattractive. Wrong! The babydoll is all grown up now! True… the babydoll, were once only found in core sizes in the lingerie section of a department store or high street shop. And yes, they were targeted at the young, core size woman. But today, we see an emergence of styles which addresses the demand from the curvy community, for more styles to flatter our curves. But the community didn’t stopped there, we also want a variety in styles and colours too. Designers are now hearing our demands and are busy designing and offering more choice in styles and variety of colours in the same way as they do for their core size collections. We can see this happening in high-end fashion outerwear as well as underwear and nightwear.

Here at Harmony Blue, we are delighted to be working with designers from Europe and from the USA who have heard and answered the call to extend their range in sizes and thus acknowledging our existence. We continue to search for designers who are committed to providing us with great designs, in a range of colours to choose from and at great prices.

To show you what we are talking about, below are just 3 of our babydolls which we love and which love our curves. We hope you will love them too; love them enough to experiment and try one or two if you haven’t worn one before.  For those who love their babydolls, take a look at our collection and update your own collection with one of ours.

350x490 x96164-e Turquiose

SoH-HL Babydoll

This stunning turquoise babydoll has such a sweet design. The soft, lace halter neck makes this comfortable to wear, it fits just under the bust to accentuate the cleavage and the flared body gives that flattering, feminine look that is hard to resist. Available in Black, White, Pink and Red


The scalloped neckline on the babydoll, featured below, is just delightful! We love this one because not only is it gorgeous but it also provides some support in the underwire bra cup. The sheer bodice allows a glimpse to the matching G-String underneath. The babydoll is also available in Black, White and Pink.

SoH-IA Red Babydoll

SoH-IA Red Babydoll

Another of our gorgeous babydolls, featured below, is the SoH-IA Sheer Lace Babydoll featured below. We love the lace and net use on this. The design is simple but with the clever use of mixing the materials, which continues around to the back, there is an obscured glimpse of the G-String beneath. The babydoll is easy to wear, light and just perfect for keeping cool in the summer evenings. Also available in Black.

SoH-IA Sheer Lace Babydoll

SoH-IA Sheer Lace Babydoll

Having seen just 3 of our babydolls, do you still think they are only for core size women? To view our full collection of babydolls follow the link below.



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