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Hello and welcome to Harmony Blue - plus size lingerie.  At Harmony Blue we are passionate about offering quality and variety at great prices to our customers.  We are heavily focussed on providing fabulous plus size styles to flatter your curves and not cover or hide them.  We are in constant pursuit of gorgeous, sensual, lingerie for those intimate moments.  We search home and away for exquisite designs for those special occasions so that we can bring them to you.  So, if you like the feel of beautifully designed, lacey, silky smooth lingerie against your skin and in a range to suit all tastes and budgets, come and take a look around.  You will find designs from Europe and from the USA; designs which you will not normally find on the high street and certainly not found in our size.  If you are looking for somewhere with an amazing variety of curve flattering styles to match your ever changing mood, then welcome to Harmony Blue...we are here in support of curves!


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A Message from Harmony Blue


e love our lingerie and we want you to love them too. So, we have put this page together to provide you with information regarding our lingerie lines so that you can learn more about Harmony Blue, what we offer and what we are passionate about.

From viewing our page, reading our Blogs and browsing through The Gallery, we hope you will gain a flavour of what Harmony Blue has to offer, an insight on how we are different to other boutiques and how proud we are to be so different. 

Harmony Blue is a plus size lingerie boutique providing a wide range of styles where sizes are not compromised.  If you do not see your size or colour in a particular style, just get in touch by phone or email, let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help you.  If it exists, we will find it for you.  Now, how many stores do you know that offer such a helpful service?

Because we dare to create a store which is dedicated 100% to us curvy ladies, we want Harmony Blue to succeed so that we can bring you more new styles with each new season, offer just as much choice as you can find in the core size boutiques and above all, ensuring high quality designs at the right price.   

Browsing through our store, you will quickly come to realise that the designs are from Europe and USA.  Italian satin silk, Spanish and French lacing, creative yet sexy on trend american designs are the hallmark of what's in store.




ushing boundaries is what Harmony Blue is also about.  We want to level the playing field not only through more choice but through diversity.  We want to broaden the colour range commonly known as Nude or Skin. We know how important it is for everyone to feel comfortable in their underwear; having the confidence that a bra or panty colour is not letting them down whilst wearing it under their favourite piece of clothing.   To that end, you should not be too surprised to see the emergence of new underwear and hosiery lines in store particularly aimed at women of colour.


ast, but by no means least.  Here is further proof of our difference to the other stores.  Harmony Blue will be adding a further challenge to itself to find lingerie for inclusion for our tall, plus size ladies.  That's right, tall, plus size.  Rarely known, rarely talked about but we exist.  We know ladies standing over 5'10" will struggle to find something as simple as a pair of tights.  Something we should all take for granted.  Currently, we don't think it is possible to find a pair of tights in a high street shop with an XL size over 5'10" and caters for dress size 20-28. So to that end, we have started this challenge by introducing the Glamory - My Size range of hosiery.  Check out what's been said about them in our Blog.  We are thrilled to add them to our lines and we look forward to seeing how this range of hosiery does, not just for curvy women but also for tall women too!



A brief word from The Harmony Blue Team

Harmony Blue

Hello and thank you for visiting Harmony Blue today. Visit our shop to find fabulous lingerie in UK sizes 10-30. You can be sure to find your size. Are we friends on Social Media? If not, join us today and follow for the latest news from Harmony Blue. See you there!

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